About Sindustrysurf

Since 2006, Sindustrysurf has provided to European Surfing , snowboarding and skateboarding stores, schools and rentals with the best brands and products for the European Riders. Based in The Basque Country, land of once of best Surfers, Skateboarders and Snowboarders of the world. We are riders and know what your store, school and rental need, we know what the riders are looking for. We can help you!!!


Advanced EPS/PU surfboards.

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Developing innovative surfboards for safety surfing.

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Innovation, confort and durability wetsuits.

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Premium quality surfing accessories created by surfers.

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We create forward thinking surf experiences by pushing creativity, innovation and individuality in surfing and the life that surrounds it. What started out as passion has become its own path. We are continuing our quest to create innovative designs that move our collective experience forward.

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Handcrafted in Europe, our products combine performance, design and innovation, to provide the best in the most extreme conditions. Our wax is exclusively made from natural and non-toxic ingredients to minimize our environmental footprint. No petrochemical paraffin wax type is used.

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“Out of the water, I am nothing.”
Duke Kahanamoku